Ondine Salima celebrates women. Our clothes are inspired by my three amazing, beautiful sisters … feminine, smart, sophisticated, they allow you to express your own style.

All Ondine Salima designs are made in Thailand. My family has lived there for over 20 years and it’s one of the places I call home. The people are magical, talented, and industrious, and many still depend on trades like tailoring for their livelihood. After I hand-pick the fabrics at local marts, they are brought to the master seamstress where each design is perfected. I personally oversee the detailing of every garment, and add the finishing touches. I feel honored to contribute to the sustainability of my family’s village, and to bring commerce to Thailand.

Our styles are versatile: adaptable to any lifestyle, body type, sense of fashion. They are modern, yet timeless, elegant but accessible. They are cross-generational; mother, daughter, and grandmother can all wear the same piece. Putting on these luminous, beautiful creations can be a transformative experience. At Ondine Salima we believe that every day can be a special occasion.

Ondine Salima designs can take you from dawn, to dusk, to dark — around the clock and around the world.

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  • In Living Color

    Color is an essential element in my life and my story and evolution as a designer. The right colors for me, my power colors, generate energy, positivity, confidence and even joy. Those « benefits » are what I hope, what I intend, that the women who wear Ondine Salima will enjoy. I[...]

Ondine Salima. For women of distinction the world over.