Monthly Archive: January 2012

  • Dear GG . . .

    Darlings, I don’t judge people by their size or their silhouette (only their f*cknots and posture), but sometimes (often) one’s build needs to be taken into account when choosing garments. That being said, I understand that not everyone enjoys getting dressed as much as I do. Sometimes it’s a chore.[...]

  • Stranger Than Fiction

    Darlings, thank you for your enthusiastic response to Miss O’s teachings on the Season of the Douche. Since I love real-life, “ripped from the headlines” teaching examples, I offer this gem, which, fortunately, dates from last year’s S-O-D. The level of douchebaggery is too hilarious not to share again. This[...]

  • ’Tis the Season

    Warning: this reprint contains Strong Language and Adult Themes. Darlings, By now you have recovered from the excesses of the Holiday season…but what about that other season that coincides with the end of year festivities, with the birth of our Lourdes? It runs from Thanksgiving to Valentine’s Day…I am of[...]

  • Love Is Blind . . . and Deaf

    For the first time in a long time, during my shower this morning, I was inspired to sing. I am a lifelong shower belter, but lately I haven’t been feeling particularly energetic (especially before noon), let alone performance-ready. From somewhere in the vast recesses of my underwater repertoire came the[...]

  • Dear SFE . . .

    Darlings, as you know my “gym-time” is endured for the betterment of health blah blah blah but also for your amusement, and in some extreme cases as a cautionary tale. To be fair, I am occasionally (always) in a crabby mood when engaging in “sport”, so please forgive if my[...]