In Living Color


Color is an essential element in my life and my story and evolution as a designer. The right colors for me, my power colors, generate energy, positivity, confidence and even joy. Those « benefits » are what I hope, what I intend, that the women who wear Ondine Salima will enjoy.

I have been designing my own clothes since I was a teenager. Always original, bolder than most, and aside from a brief period in the late ’80’s when I wore red, black and white exclusively, I feel best in living, vibrant color.

I find inspiration in Art, in Nature. The Sunrise Collection was inspired by the view from my bedroom window in Paris. The ever-changing, dramatic Dutch skies gave rise to the North Sea Collection. I love museums and spend time mentally absorbing the rich pigments of my favorite paintings from Beaubourg to the Getty, the MFA to the Tate, Le Grand Palais and Rijksmuseum.

Clients have asked why I seldom design garments in black. Black can be elegant and chic, but for me, it has no energy. Black absorbs, rather than reflects, light. Ondine Salima celebrates women living fully, not concealing their light. Some of our collections feature vivid colors, others a softer palette.

I believe every woman can find a color she loves among our collections. I invite you to step out of the shadows (of black clothes) to discover the colors that bring you energy and allow your inner radiance to shine.

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