Passionate for Fruits and Passion!

Delicious news, Darlings! Canadian company Fruits & Passion has launched a new line of skin care, Radiance.

Redolent with nourishing botanical extracts of pomegranate, cranberry, papaya and pineapple, the Radiance collection restores the glow to tired, dull skin.

Pomegranate, so delectable in martinis, helps the skin absorb and retain moisture. How? By stimulating aquaporins. Aquaporins? Water Channels, Darlings. Water Channels. See how we keep you informed!

Cranberry, chockfull of Vitamin C, protects from environmental conditions which can damage the skin. Too much sun, Malibu Barbie. Too much air conditioning, Worker Bee. Too many Cosmos, insert-your-name-here. The beautiful berry helps to renew abused skin.

Enzyme-tastic Papaya and Pineapple control bothersome blemishes.

As Fruits and Passion Laboratories proclaims ‘Each Fruit Has Its Virtue.’ Amen!

Natura Bissé
All the way from Barcelona comes Natura Bissé, a line of sunscreens which promises to improve and strengthen skin, repair cellular damage and enhance your natural immunological defenses. Natura Bissé offers the widest range of SPFs, with 30, 15 and 10 (for those of you who never burn but also are uninterested in premature wrinkling). The ‘10’ also comes in a gorgeous red spray bottle, and is ‘ideal for oily skin types and men.’ My friend Allan loved the 10, and I used the 30: very light, very pretty smell, just like normal lotion.

One warning: Natura Bissé is defeated by sweat and other waters, so you’ll need to reapply to avoid pinking up. Alternatively, choose not to play tennis in 98-degree heat.

$90, $55 and $52 at Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf’s and Barney’s.

Suncures from Avancé claimed to prevent skin damage, uneven coloration, and even freckling, which I was intrigued to see if they could back up. The 30 actually did keep the freckling on my legs to a very shocking minimum, while letting them be tanned and keeping them from burning. Impressive.

One drawback — they come in squirt bottles, but the nozzles only let a drop or two escape with each pump, so be sure to go ahead and screw the top off to minimize annoyance at application.

SPFs 20 (face) and 30 (body) $28 and $32 available at exclusive spas, and

The Phytomer line of sun care products ‘protect your skin and preserve your youth,’ a concept I can definitely get behind. I used the 30 (body) on my face because it was the one that promised specifically to protect my youth (which I would like protected), and I am also paranoid about how much SPF I need (a lot).

It was very light and also smelled wonderful; the for-face 15 includes ingredients to ‘smooth and calm the epidermis’ — so, that sounds good too.

It earned the highest marks from my roommates, who were the only people not to burn on their Charleston trip, even with mild sweating and no re-application. Erin has already purchased half of the Phytomer line.

$41 and $38 at Sephora, and luxury spas nationwide. Also see

Sunless Tanners:

Phytomer… yet again!
Phytomer also makes a sunless tanner, and BronzInstant Self Tanning Spray is easy to use (being a spray), and leaves you with a normal color, not an orangey one. It can be a little blotchy if you’re not careful, and exfoliating prior to application as recommended definitely helps.

And here’s an interesting thing: BronzStarter is a dietary supplement with concentrated vitamins C, E, and B3 that “promotes a natural glow” if taken two weeks prior, during and after sun exposure. I confess I was too scared to try this, as I usually try to discourage my skin’s proclivity to suck up sun, not the other way around. Sounds neat though.

$38 and $40, same spots as above.

Now for my two favorite things:

Jane Iredale
Jane Iredale makes a pressed powder that includes an 18 SPF. It’s mineral based and has a concentrated pigment which “masks color and reflects light” which is very neat and very pretty. Also allows the colors to work on a wider range of skin tones.

It claims to also work as a concealer and does. The powder can be mixed into moisturizer to make a cream foundation, if you prefer. I love this stuff and have been using it since I got it.

Amazing Base and Pure Pressed, $42 and $48 at fine spas worldwide. Call 1-800-817-5665 for nearest location or see

Bella Bronze
Bella Bronze self tanning products totally eliminate the need for sunshine. They’ve designed the entire self-tan process from exfoliation (face and body) to tanners with tint and without (your own color is brought out two hours after use), to toners and tan maximizers. All the products have a light, pleasant smell, and deliver an amazingly smooth, even, natural color that will stay on your skin a little over a week.

As if that wasn’t enough, the face tanner has antioxidants to fight your wrinkles, and the leg tanner has cellulite busters from French anti-cellulite specialists Sederma. So, so very recommended.

Products range from $17 to $29.

The secret weapon in the Fruits and Passion aresenal? Instant Glow Essence — a silky elixir which dissipates signs of fatigue (if only it worked on hangovers) and perks up skin. It absorbs quickly, leaving skin brightened, smooth and firm.

Do we love it? Bien sûr! Fruits and Passion makes you a radiant star!

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