Miss O’s Diary

  • Now Cheer This!

    Dear Friendlies – (I started this post on the morning of April 15th, hours before, and miles away from, the events that would unfold in my beloved Boston. I’m finally ready to finish it today.) I love Marathon Monday in Boston. Having lived on Beacon Street in Brookline for 17[...]

  • Impeccable You

    Darlings – I hope you have been energized and enthusiastic living your New Years Mantra. As promised here is my second installment: Be Impeccable with your Word. The concept is borrowed from an excellent book, The Four Agreements, and I believe it is important for many reasons. On the most[...]

  • The Year of the Mantra

    Hello Darlings! I started a post about New Years Resolutions back on January 10th. I edited it, twice, and let it simmer. I looked at it again, yesterday, and nope…still not resonating. Last night I lay in bed, staring at the ceiling for an hour, and finally The Oracle spoke[...]

  • Making the List

    I am a list maker. I often have multiple lists going at the same time: marketing, household errands, brilliant schemes for world-takeover. I write my lists on used envelopes (part of my effort at recycling). I keep a block of post-it notes next to my bed for noting middle-of-the-night ideas[...]

  • The Day of Reckoning

    Darlings – I bring you a message from The Oracle… Tomorrow, Tuesday, November 6, we enter a period of Mercury Retrograde. Astrologically, a retrograde is when a planet appears to be moving backward through the zodiac. I won’t bore you with the details of orbital rotation and planetary motion, simply[...]