About Ondine Salima

With my sisters, who inspired my collectionsI have had a life-long love affair with fashion. Not just fashion . . . clothing, textiles, costumes, fabrics. I get excited about a seam on a shirt. I stop people on the street to ask them about a button.

From a young age, I was exposed to different cultures and have always been fascinated by traditional garb, indigenous clothing. I am inspired by the vibrant tribal costumes of Africa, enthralled by the dazzling Jellabiyas of the Middle East, enamored with the sumptuous fabrics of India, captivated by the opulent textures of the Orient, delighted by the lively colors and feminine silhouette of Latin cultures.

I have also been influenced by the classic designers of Europe. As a 14-year-old, I saved my allowance to buy a subscription to W Magazine and papered my room with the designs of Dior, Saint Laurent, and Valentino. Their dedication to impeccable cut and flawless workmanship has left a lasting impression on me.

I have been involved in all sides of fashion: as a print, runway, and fit model; and in retail sales, visual merchandising, styling, and design.

Ondine Salima was created to remind every woman that she is beautiful. My greatest joy is when someone tells me that she felt more alluring, more confident — more herself — wearing one of my designs. I believe that every day can be a special occasion and every woman can be the Belle of the Ball.