The Ondine Effect

You, only better.

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I. Image Update

Are you presenting the best version of yourself? Our image consulting service teaches you how to refine your appearance to reflect your authentic, excellent self.

Perhaps you are anticipating a transition in your personal or professional life and want to make an outstanding first impression. Maybe your current look feels outdated. Something as basic as changing your hairstyle or trying a new make-up palette can enhance your allure.

Or you may want to learn how to carry yourself with poise and confidence, to use your assets to their full advantage. Your image conveys a message…let’s play to your strengths!

Through honest communication and objective assessment we will hone your image to be an outward expression of your unique inner qualities.

The effect is amazing! You will look polished and feel wonderful with as little effort as possible — a newfound self-confidence to put you on the top of everyone’s A-list.

“Ondine is the epitome of style and grace. I am continually amazed at her daily transformations and those that she is able to nurture out of others.” — Ja-Nae D., Somerville, MA

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II. Wardrobe Re-boot

This style-advising service is for men and women who want to update their style, fine-tune their wardrobe, or for those who simply feel “fashionably challenged.” Our in-home consultation starts with your closet: maximizing the pieces you have and identifying those you need. We coordinate a spectrum of outfits, from gala to weekend casual, and polish your appearance so that getting dressed will be fun and easy! Whatever your taste, from classic chic to modern and sleek, our expertise in fashion and beauty can revamp your entire look.

“Ondine really helped me choose the right clothes. She didn’t change my style, she advanced it!” — Jessica C. Brookline, MA

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III. Camera Ready

Our headshot prep service is a must for anyone who needs a new professional photo. Have you been avoiding the camera? Take advantage of Ondine’s expertise!

For more than a decade, she has enjoyed a successful plus-size modeling career, and has the experience and understanding to help you feel at ease in front of the camera. She will offer beauty and grooming tips, assist you with curating camera-friendly outfits, and help you find a natural, comfortable pose so that shoot time is well spent with a successful, flattering result.

You will be able to face the camera with confidence!

We also offer a post-shoot photo selection service.

It can be challenging and overwhelming to sift through dozens of images of oneself. We can provide objective feedback to help you select the best photos.

“Ondine has a great eye for the person she is styling. She finds just the right look for the client. Not only is the client pleased, others who meet them are impressed with the result. I would recommend Ondine to anyone wishing to improve their look: she makes you feel wonderful.” — Peter K. Newton, MA

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