Miss O’s Charm School

Good manners should be a reflex.

Savoir-faire is within the reach of almost anyone. This social and professional etiquette course teaches students how to conduct themselves with élan and poise. The curriculum includes how to eat, how to drink, how to dress, how to make introductions, how to flirt, how to make and break a date. Specific social situations will be introduced, in addition to on-site training at fine dining establishments. Frequently asked questions will be answered to avoid any missteps.

Think of this as classic manners updated for the new millennium.

The benefits are invaluable! You will be empowered, more confident, and ultimately more successful in social and professional arenas. As every bon vivant knows, good manners are always in style.

“Ondine’s tutelage has helped me be myself — my best self — in various social situations. From guiding my choice of attire to helping me hone my communication skills, Ondine has made me more confident and comfortable everywhere I go. But most importantly, Ondine has helped me realize that there are things that I do very well naturally, and that the most important social lesson is often just not to try too hard to ‘get everything right.’ That lesson has been priceless, and I can’t thank her enough.” — Sujay P. Baltimore, MD