• Finding Sophia

    The beauty of being a woman. Cross-posted from Lovely Magazine When I was 15, I shot up five inches and blossomed into a full C-cup. My mother took me, as a rite of passage, or perhaps out of respect for my new bust line, to the famous Trashy Lingerie in[...]

  • Passionate for Fruits and Passion!

    Delicious news, Darlings! Canadian company Fruits & Passion has launched a new line of skin care, Radiance. Redolent with nourishing botanical extracts of pomegranate, cranberry, papaya and pineapple, the Radiance collection restores the glow to tired, dull skin. Pomegranate, so delectable in martinis, helps the skin absorb and retain moisture.[...]

  • ‘Fabtree’ & Evelyn

    Darlings, I have just discovered a fab new line of skin care from Crabtree & Evelyn! Renowned botanical apothecary C&E has developed a cult following with a collection of ‘Remedy and Routine’ products. I began my new ‘Remedy makeover’ with the Exfoliating Lip Smoother. Love it. Love it. Love it![...]

  • The King & I: The Magic of Thailand, part I

    Darlings, I recently spent a lovely two weeks in Thailand exploring local color, adopting native customs and soaking in the Siamese scene. Despite the devastation wrought to its famed coastline and pristine beaches by December’s tsunami, Thailand continues to attract international tourists. This Southeast Asian nation is an appealing destination[...]

  • The G-Star Has Landed

    G-Star Store Opening Rocks Back Bay Darlings, your prayers have been answered! Dutch denim deity G-Star Raw has finally opened a Boston location. Can I get an Amen? The label, founded in Amsterdam in 1989, has developed a cult following among European fashion cognoscenti from Berlin to Barcelona. With 28[...]