Here’s what our clients are saying about our services.

Image Update

“When I found myself taking on a new public role—one that would need me to be comfortable in the public eye—I thought at first I needed media training. To my error, what I needed was Ondine, and I am so lucky a friend guided me directly to her. Ondine helped me develop the authentic ‘me’—one that feels comfortable in my clothes, in my stance, and in my actions. It was more than just a clothing update, but a journey allowing me to be reflective and incremental in shaping a public persona that aligned with my strengths. She met my insecurities with grace and patience. Ondine encouraged me to look far beyond the superficial to align my inner spirit with my outward appearance. I approach life’s challenges differently now—with more confidence and joy, and Ondine was a great part of that.” — Emily G. Cambridge, MA

“Ondine has a great eye for the person she is styling. She finds just the right look for the client. Not only is the client pleased, others who meet them are impressed with the result. I would recommend Ondine to anyone wishing to improve their look: she makes you feel wonderful.” — Peter K. Newton, MA

“The new makeup is fabulous. Finally a soft, pretty face that doesn’t look washed out. Can you imagine, the other day a twenty-something woman asked me what lipstick I was wearing? As for the haircut…a dream come true…simple, yet glamorous. I can even do it myself.” — Barbara S. New York, NY

“Ondine is the epitome of style and grace. I am continually amazed at her daily transformations and those that she is able to nurture out of others.” — Ja-Nae D., Somerville, MA

“You really have a gift, an eye for what works.” — Star H. Neuilly-sur-Seine, France

Wardrobe Reboot

“Working with Ondine was a pleasure from start to finish. She’s warm, charming and has a genuine gift for style. I hired Ondine as a style consultant. She began by evaluating my wardrobe and discussing my needs and interests. She then developed a personalized style model, incorporating ideas that expanded my boundaries. The ideas were simple but powerful: slimmer cuts, different combinations and more colors in my ‘natural’ spectrum. It broadened my range considerably, making it easier for me to shop and easily identify the best choices. It was truly a style revolution for me. Ondine also spent several hours shopping with me at my preferred retailer. She expertly leveraged the staff to make the process go smoothly and efficiently. I left the store with my wardrobe for the next few years. I didn’t realize I had been shopping the wrong way for so many years.
        I can’t say enough good things about Ondine and her services. If you are looking for a style/image consultant, you cannot do better!” — Keith T. Cambridge, MA

“Ondine really helped me choose the right clothes. She didn’t change my style, she advanced it!” — Jessica C. Brookline, MA

“I used to stare at my open closet and rack my brain, looking for something new, something I’d feel good in to wear. And that was when I was going to work. Whenever I knew there was a social event coming up, I’d agonize for days over what to wear. Often, by the time I left my home there was a pile of discarded rejects and one very agitated woman late for what was supposed to be a fun and relaxing evening. Not anymore. Thanks to you I am calmer and more energized in the morning and infinitely more at ease and good spirited at night. I am almost embarrassed by all the compliments I am receiving.” — Andrea B. L.A., CA

“The ‘Ondine Effect’ can only be described as a wondrous kind of magic. Ondine somehow transformed an ordinary clothing store into a kind of couture boutique where I was treated like royalty. I walked out with a whole new wardrobe and a whole new sense of fashion. She even negotiated a substantial discount. I don’t generally enjoy shopping but this was so much fun I’d go clothes shopping with Ondine even if I didn’t need the clothes!” — Michael C. Arlington, MA

Camera Ready

“I am so grateful to have had Ondine style my headshots and I consistently get the most wonderful compliments on them! Her sweet demeanor helped me relax in front of the camera, and her steady hand assisted me with the most stunning yet natural makeup. I also loved her accessory suggestions, not to mention her knowledge of flattering poses and body language was most helpful in getting the best shots. Despite having a wonderful photographer, her help and expertise in all aspects of my shoot were essential.” — Teresa W. Arlington, MA

“I never thought I’d say it, but I like my new business photo. The tips you gave me about photo sessions have vanquished my phobias of cameras.” — Bella M. Beverly Hills, CA

“Ondine is smart, experienced, and savvy. Trust me, you want her in your corner!” — Bradley F. Dorchester, MA

“When I had my professional headshot taken, I realized that I didn’t have the distance to see myself clearly and pick which photo, from among dozens, best represented the way I wanted to present myself. With her impeccable eye and savvy perspective, Ondine was invaluable in helping me choose the best photos for the best venues, and to help me see myself in the best light.” — Sari B. Cambridge, MA

O Piccolo Chic

“Our lucky five year old has her own stylist in Paris! We’ve been buying clothing through O Piccolo Chic for the last few years and are always blown away when a new box arrives, full of stylish high-quality clothes. And nobody she knows is wearing what she’s wearing. When they ask where she got it, we get to tell them that they’re imported from Paris, just for her.” — Danny & Dikla S. L.A., CA

Miss O’s Charm School

“Ondine’s tutelage has helped me be myself — my best self — in various social situations. From guiding my choice of attire to helping me hone my communication skills, Ondine has made me more confident and comfortable everywhere I go. But most importantly, Ondine has helped me realize that there are things that I do very well naturally, and that the most important social lesson is often just not to try too hard to ‘get everything right.’ That lesson has been priceless, and I can’t thank her enough.” — Sujay P. Baltimore, MD