Obi-II – Pink Lady

Marquise Pink
Milady PinkMarquise PinkCouquitta, Duchess; Obi, MarquiseEtoile, Ballerina; Couquitta, Principessa; Obi, MiladyEtoile, Duchess; Obi, MarquiseCouquitta, Etoile, Duchess; Obi, Marquise


In classic silk taffeta, with a delicate sheen — and in support of a good cause.

Product Description

Meet your new best friend.

Matador-inspired with a nod to the Far East, our Obi belt instantly transforms any outfit. Everyday jeans are elevated to effortless chic, office wear earns rave reviews, and evening clothes are ready to walk the red carpet.

Like all best friends, Obi is here to help. She changes your water glass shape to an hourglass. She improves your posture and flatters your bustline. She adds glamour and polish to every ensemble.

Two sets of ties and 107″ total length provide endless styling options. Adapt Obi to your silhouette: wear her at your natural waist, empire-style, or even at the hip.

Our Obi-II is the essential addition to every wardrobe.

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Silk Taffeta


Milady Pink, Marquise Pink, Duchesse Pink