Ondine’s Academy for Young Men

Making the world a more civilized place.

This finishing school for young men provides tutoring in dress, protocol, ease and allure. In the process of social orientation, the young men learn how to become the leader of a group, how to avoid arguments and how to acquire self-assurance. More advice will be given on what to read, what movies and plays to see, where to eat, and when to send flowers.

The results are astonishing! Graduates of the Academy are charming and debonair gentlemen, with refined social skills guaranteed to impress in any situation. It’s a first-class ticket to a more sophisticated world.

“Miss O will show you the ways of the world and a great time too. She is a queen.” — Jake M. Magdeburg, Germany

“Ondine is the epitome of style and grace. I am continually amazed at her daily transformations and those that she is able to nurture out of others.” — Ja-Nae D., Somerville, MA

Work-study, internship, and scholarship opportunities are available.